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The Story Goes On & On. The process to remove my family & our address is impossible.

None of us have traffic tickets or any legal problems at all. Me & other members of my family have requested to have our names/age/address/history taken off of the check people page. They post my name, age, & all the places I have lived. Like others have said, when I request to have my name & history removed, please just take it off.

SIMPLE. Explain to us WHY you send us to this opt-out page that has never worked & never will. Remove us as you say you will. You say "In Some Time For Removal".

In who's Lifetime. This is wasting our time. We kindly ask for an honest reply as to why you will not opt us out. Please no more excuses.

Just the truth.

The excuses have gone on to long. Respectfully we ask for honesty from your company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Checkpeople Public Record.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Take the time to enlighten yourself & see the companies that are money makers & the joke is on YOU! For your safety, NEVER give a place like this your credit card information or pay them....STAY AWAY.

Read & see how bad they treat people. They want your $$$$$$$$$ .....As much as they can drain!


Check People have (from what I've read here) have done some people really bad....Remember the famous song "For The Love Of Money" from back in the 70's ...That what these people are all about. In reality, there are scammers everywhere.

Always will be.

The "KEY" is being aware of who you deal with & look out for your well being. Yes, It's in OUR hands with the choices we make.

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