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I am sorry for all the so called SCAMS Check People have been doing on peoples credit cards. several times I have wanted to look for my two sisters who I lost contact with over ten years ago.

We were planning a family reunion & one of my other siblings urged me to contact Check People site to locate my other relatives on they wherabouts. I had heard that three of my cousins were still incaraceted & out of state. I thought Check People was my hope in contacting my lost relitives & siblings. I had looked in my account to which credit card number I would give them to submit a report.

As I was looking to obtain my report I found these disturbing reports. The most scary was the people that wanted off they site & were not removed. Now I want them to remove me and my family too. People say that the check people site may take your credit card & charge other money.

Maybe I should ask for others thoughts before I go there.

Why do they not allow people to get they name removed if thats what they want. Sound like a hoax to me.

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Bad Business & scamming is correct. I have never paid to obtain even MY information.

I just want off their page. That'a all!

They won't even do it. Just lie saying basically they will get around to it, if or when they feel like it.


Check Is a bad business. They post false information about people and do not opt you out if you request.

They don't honor peoples safety concerns. They have very bad business ethics and bad customer service manners. If they don't remove the info. I requested they leave no choice but to contact my lawyer.

This business should be permanently shut down!

If any one wants to know their head CEO is Nimrod Santo whom should be in jail for fraud and extortion charges. He really is a Nimrod!


From all i read check people is the worst of background sights. I'm not sure which ones are good by any means.

I have read the comments from top to bottom. I am shocked they have not been closed by now. My sister was asking me to take a look & give my opinion. No No No.....The last thing you want is to give them your credit card #.

That mistake is asking for nothing but trouble getting the charges undone. Just read the horror stories of those who made that mistake. Just my opinion. On the Optout situation, that should tell you something right there.

This place has no regard for peoples safety. That is just reckless & simply wrong. This has the possibility of harming innocent people. Also notice that all these complaints go unanswered by the check people owners.

That says much right there.

I advised my sister to not go near check people. Read the comments for yourself before you do business with this one.

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