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Check People & who operates this scam site could care less about the privacy/safety of ANYONE. I have requested "Removal" in the most polite way possible & nothing.

I must tell you it amazes me that they refuse to honor these wises on my behalf or anyone else who has security-privacy concerns. We are living in some very strange times & it can be very dangerous out there. There are many people from all walks of life that have major reasons to have their personal information deleted from sites such as CHECK PEOPLE. From my experience, I have had no problem from being removed from similar sites such as this one.

From what I have concluded thus far is that CHECK PEOPLE are playing "A Cat & Mouse Game" with their removal page/process. Think about it. What do they have to gain by holding a person hostage by running them in circles putting them in possible danger? There are many people who live in fear & for the sake of their well being need to be off of CHECK PEOPLE & others.

For example a person with a crazed boyfriend/girlfriend. Ex wife/husband. Just read the news & see what can happen to innocent law abiding people who happen to encounter someone that can put them in serious danger. Yet the Insensitive people who own & operate CHECK PEOPLE appear to have no regard for the safety of anyone.

They are playing a game that can be very dangerous for the person the refuse to remove. This is truly a complete disregard for the good of humanity. CHECK PEOPLE (In My Opinion) is for sure the Worst Of The Worst.

I did not even mention the other serious issues mentioned here. If the owners of CHECK PEOPLE indeed read these comments, please for the safety of good people, simply respect their wishes & remove them, Stop with the worthless opt-out page & respect their right to privacy!

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Their practices are very disturbing from the many comments I have read, & I have read them all. Their BBB reports/complaints from Palo Alto California scored Check People an "F" that is until they moved their "Operation" to Orlando Florida.

Therefore now their BBB California have been closed. Possibly a new beginning for another money making year from a company that (from what I've read) drains peoples credit cards in hopes folks will never catch it. Pretty good scam. It must be working very well.

Sickens me to see this going on. PLUS....Their Opt-Out Process will not remove you no matter how hard you try.

They run you on a path to nowhere. Simply my observation.

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