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Take A Look At Reviews On This Website!

Regardless of the People who complain of signing up + getting charged Month By Month according to what I have read. As you look at all the complaints - you will notice that "Check People" will not remove your name & information.

My Ex Wife has been looking for my local residence for the past year. This website will not allow me to remove my location & personal stats. I have also requested to be taken off this Check People Search & they have done nothing. I realize they publish what is called "Public Information" but when a person requests REMOVAL for safety/security/privacy...This should be instantly taken off from their data base.

This should cause serious concern for anyone. Please Note "CHECK PEOPLE" answers nothing regarding these comments that are very serious. I post this to document on 1/3/2019.

Remove Those Who Have Privacy Concerns....If they ask for removal - simply REMOVE THEM . Respect their privacy.

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No, it's simply terrible they treat people so poorly.

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